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Born 25. August . Contact E-mail:
”We realize only afterwards that Miracle actually is a passing Moment!”

The above mentioned quotation and photography means quite the same for me. I have been taking photos since my childhood. And as an amateur I have been trying to take a unique perspective into my photography ever since. There was a turning point in 2009 when I was shooting pictures of a spectucular dragon-boat competition at Lagymanyosi bay.
I was working with a Canon S5 at that time but unfortunatelly I experienced a poor quality over using the zoom.
As a result, I switched to a DSLR Camera in two weeks.
Then in Fall, my journey to Miracle have began when I joined to a basic level photography in nature course. Later, I have completed the advenced level/professional course at this School, too. The feeling towards perfecting my skill was carrying me away completely.
Spending a whole day in nature with my camera has an absolute refreshing and calming effect on me after some mindnumbing and stressful workdays. It reminds me of my childhood.
These thoughts motivate me to share the little miracles that we are surrounded by to everyone.
Beside taking pictures in nature I am also interested in sport photography.

Ildikó Szupkay