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Vadvilág Magyar Természetfotósok EgyesületeThe Wildlife Society of Hungarian Nature Photographers is formed with the leadership of Tamás Imre professional photographer from the students of the beginner and professional courses of nature photographers organized by The photo club is a brand-new organization, a nature lover fellowship which is formed in September, 2005 with a common will of the 18 charter members.
Aim of the founders is to present the nature especially the unique beauty and the fragility of the flora and fauna to the public with photos, slideshow presentations and exhibitions. We take public presentations for request about the secrets of the nature photography, about analog and digital technology. Important task of us is to help the artistic activity of the members, lead them and to clamp them in one society. Our aim is to protect the worth of the nature, to breed the youth generation for nature loving and environmental awareness way of thinking. We make possibilities for all of the club members to acquire the technical background of the photography. Toward this for the club days, we invite certified photographers, environmental specialists, astrologists, biologists and ornithologists. We applied for photo contests and application together towards this we make photo sorting seminars. At the end of the years we sort the best photos on a home contest of a high standard, which is censured by jury of 3 members of certified photographers. Once or two times in a year we organize a photo trip amongst the inviolate nature beauty, landscapes and animals of Hungary. The members of our society are real friend which is very important because our organization cannot be efficiently worked instead of this. On or club seminars we would like to help each other with constructive criticism and funny quirks and everybody tries to show a good personal example for the others. We do not tolerate that kind of behaviour , which offends our constitutions or the rights of our member. These kind of attitude can involve the disqualification of the member.
We have own ethic codex of nature photography, which sound quite strict but only the “symbiosis” as a life form is involved in it. The essence of it is to determine in certain situations that how can we compose in the nature to create equal chance for everybody in the nature photography. But first of all we regulated the ethical norms (anyway what is also kept by everybody) for protecting the environment. These kinds of environmental injury can be punished by disqualification of the member.

The time spent since the formation of our club proves that our visualizations are good and successful. We apply for MAFOSZ Salon national and FIAP World CUP international photography contests, on which we can reach quite good results. Our success inspires us to continue our way to make more beautiful and esthetical artistic nature photos.
Our first big exhibition with the title of “The wonders of north” made a hit in the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

The aim of our organization: to record the untouchable dramatic moments and events in the nature, in those way that we don’t disturb the nature. And if our pictures affect the beholder to respect and love the nature, we can say about ourselves that we are a real photographical artist. Co-operation with other Hungarian and international photo clubs and environmentalist organizations is very important for us.

Tamás Imre Chairman EFIAP photo artist
Wildlife Society of Hungarian Nature Photographers